Science Activity


   Our kinder group figured out the objects that roll and the ones that slide!

Here at Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten, we are passionate about providing stimulating learning activities to our children each day.

Today, our kindergarten group enjoyed the Roll or Slide Activity with Ms. Jaime. The educator let the children guess first if the object will roll or slide and then she allowed them to, in scientific terms, test their hypothesis!  

Learning Science at an early age is essential to our children’s holistic development. For young learners, wondering about things, asking questions and exploring their environments come naturally – and this is what science is all about! As such, our educators always plan science activities that not only teach scientific concepts but also align with the children’s interests.  

Providing opportunities to learn and, at the same time, to have fun is at the core of Mentone Kindergarten’s objectives. If you want to know more about our kindergarten program,  click here to Contact Us or find us on Facebook