The 100-year old Preschoolers


Our little Grandmas!

Today is the day that all the children in the Preschool room has been waiting for. For this day, they have prepared their walking sticks, their curlers, their sunglasses, and even their gray hair wigs - all these so they can become 100-year olds! We had an amazing photoshoot outside as it was a sunny day and everyone posed as if their backs were sore, just like a 100-year old would probably feel (wink).

Kudos to all these children's Mums and Dads for all the effort they put into every dress up day! Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten appreciates you all.

We also made our "100 days smarter" hats to celebrate all the fun and important learning we have done for the past 100 days. Everyone is looking forward to spending 100 (or so) more days at Preschool before some of them head off to their big schools.