One of our kinders drawing a butterfly.

   We’d say he’s truly happy to see the butterfly free!

We let two butterflies fly! – Life and creativity with our kinder group.

Butterflies offer such beautiful lessons to our children such as connectedness to the natural world. Today, two butterflies that we have looked after and have been waiting to hatch were released back into the garden. But before we let them go, these beautiful creatures also served as inspiration to the children’s creative arts activity.

After lunchtime, Ms. Jaime, one of our kinder educators, went to the outdoor play area with our kinder group to witness the butterflies, now with their colourful wings, fly back into the outside world.

Here at Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten, we believe that teaching our children valuable lessons through natural objects is key to instilling in them the value of our natural world and everything that lives and thrives in it. Our children can never be too young to learn how to look after another life form, such as a butterfly.

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