Washing our little hands


 Siblings that wash their hands together, stay healthy together!

As the photo above shows, teaching thorough handwashing does not always have to be done by the educator. One way to teach our very young ones about how to wash their hands properly is by having their older brother or sister show them how it is done! Not only did we teach them about handwashing in a more fun and interesting way but we also added to their sibling bond at the centre.

Science project at home

Another activity that our 3-year olds and preschoolers have done is the Pepper and Soap science experiment. The pepper flakes are like germs and when we dropped soap on top, all the germs went away (and this is why we wash our hands with soap)! If you want to see the complete vide you can visit our Facebook page.


 It is always great to find interesting ways to teach children especially when the lesson can be the difference between being well or unwell. As the current situation is unpredictable, it is our educators' duty to equip even the youngest among us with the right practices to stay healthy and safe. 


Handwashing poster