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  • Butterfly

    We let two butterflies fly! – Life and creativity with our kinder group.

    Butterflies offer such beautiful lessons to our children such as connectedness to the natural world. Today, two butterflies that we have looked after and have been waiting to hatch were released back into the garden. But before we let them go, these beautiful creatures also served as inspiration to the children’s creative arts activity. 

  • Yoga

    Practicing yoga with our children.

    According to the Australian parenting website Raising Children, mixing things up, such as sports, activities and games, to keep children active not only keeps them interested but also allows for them to learn new skills.

  • Science Activity

    Roll or Slide? Learning Science is fun with our kinder group.

    Today, our kindergarten group enjoyed the Roll or Slide Activity with Ms. Jaime. The educator let the children guess first if the object will roll or slide and then she allowed them to, in scientific terms, test their hypothesis!