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  • Make ice cream in a plastic bag!

    Everybody loves ice cream. So what if we can make this all-time favourite dessert without the use of expensive machineries and in just under 10 minutes? We did exactly that with the schoolies!

  • Sign Language

    The most incredible thing about sign language is that it is all done with the movements of the hands, face and body and it is readily available on the internet through tutorials and free videos. Here at...

  • Learning our letters

    Letter formation is an essential skill for young children and is fundamental to literacy. At three years of age, we introduce our children to letter formation and provide them with various activities to practice their letter writing.

  • Happy Easter 2020

    Easter is always a special celebration/holiday for everyone. And while social distancing is in place, we made sure that Easter 2020 for our children here at Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten is still memorable and of course, fun-filled.

  • Washing our little hands

    Even before the spread of the COVID-19, our centre has always place much importance on our good hygiene practices, including handwashing. In this article, we will show two of the strategies we've used to teach our children the proper way of washing their little hands.

  • A day in the park!

    Because we know that learning goes beyond the four walls of our room, going on excursions is a vital part of our program at Mentone Kindergarten and Preschool. Today, we went to the park and our dear preschoolers loved it!

  • Graduation 2020

    Graduation day is one of the most exciting events at Mentone Childcare and Kindergarten. This year, it was indeed a proud moment to see our dear students go up on the stage and accept their certificates of completion.

  • Butterfly

    We let two butterflies fly! – Life and creativity with our kinder group.

    Butterflies offer such beautiful lessons to our children such as connectedness to the natural world. Today, two butterflies that we have looked after and have been waiting to hatch were released back into the garden. But before we let them go, these beautiful creatures also served as inspiration to the children’s creative arts activity. 

  • Yoga

    Practicing yoga with our children.

    According to the Australian parenting website Raising Children, mixing things up, such as sports, activities and games, to keep children active not only keeps them interested but also allows for them to learn new skills.